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Our Digistore24 Media Service is aimed at journalists, online multipliers and other media experts. For other requests, please contact our  tech consultants or customer service.

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Wallstreet Online

Reach Millions of People with just One Click

The economy is facing new opportunities and challenges. Sven Platte supports startups and companies to digitize their businesses.

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Startup Valley

Sven Platte on Heart Projects ans Win-Wins

The idea for Digistore24 was born in 2011, when I entered the e-commerce sector with a fitness e-book, but had only very limited possibilities with the existing reseller platforms.

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Video Interviews

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Inside Wirtschaft

Interview With Sven Platte: How Digistore24 Helps Online Entrepreneurs

"Today, more and more companies are selling information: online courses, seminars, e-books - that's what we specialize in. Our customers can focus on their content and we do the rest - such as technology, administration or tax. "

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Awards & Rankings

iBusiness: Futurology Studies of Interactive Marketing

Digistore24 Ranks No. 1 in Affiliate Network Rankings 2019

Who are the largest German affiliate networks? iBusiness has asked the question and publishes the ranking. Click "Read More" to find out the values for Germany.

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OMR - the largest knowledge and inspiration platform for the digital and marketing scene in Europe

Sven Platte On Online Marketing, Modern Software Solutions And Music Production

Digistore24 founder and managing director Sven Platte talks about the rapid rise of the affiliate platform, how Digistore24 can help small and medium-sized companies and why he will soon be producing a song with Tiësto.

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DNX - Digitale Nomaden

Sven Platte About His Projects And What Connects Them: Digistore24, Electronic Music And Meditation

From dentist to online entrepreneur: In this episode you will learn how the Digistore24 platform was raised and scaled without external financing by Sven Platte. Sven gives us insights into the background, strategy and future of Digistore24. He also tells us about his latest project, an electronic music production company, and his personal development journey. He’s a great guy! Listen up and have fun.

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Latest Video Releases

Demos of our software and features, master tips, interviews and business case stories from our most successful customers.

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Our Brands - What We Do For Our Customers

What large companies have money and staff for, most online entrepreneurs have to do on their own. We provide them the technology and the knowledge to enable everyone to succeed online.

Digistore24 is a platform for the automation of sales and accounting processes of digital products with an integrated distributor marketplace.

Coachannel is a software for the professional creation and marketing of online courses with an integrated page builder for beautiful web presences.

Founder & CEO of Digistore24 & OneClickBusiness I Music Producer I Serial Entrepreneur

With his entrepreneurial experience, Sven Platte supports and inspires people to build the right mindset to be both successful and fulfilled with their online business.

The Digistore24 app allows users to view their business in real-time from anywhere. Free of charge for all Digistore24 users.

DigiCalls is a software for setting up fully-fledged telephone sales with its own sales team. Free of charge for all Digistore24 users.

The Conversion Cockpit is a powerful performance marketing tool for testing and optimizing sales processes. Free of charge for all Digistore24 users.

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

Sven Platte

Founder, CEO & creative idea generator behind Digistore24

Contact Us

Our Digistore24 Media Service is aimed at journalists, online multipliers, and other media experts. For other requests, please contact our tech consultants or customer service.

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